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No named(i.e. user-)CALs available for named user access

- Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Sp2
- IIS 6
- QlikView Server 9.0.7502.8 (10 User CALs)
- Java 6 Update 20

Application description:
- Asp pages based web-Site (intranet);
- LDAP user auth. & auto.
- Grant on dir (virtual e phisic) to anonymous & IIS anonimous user

We use the following standard qlik include:
<!-- #INCLUDE virtual="/QvJava/Servers/QlikWeb/QlikWeb.asp" -->
<!-- #INCLUDE virtual="/QvJava/codelib/functions.asp" -->

and the following function (from function.asp) for open the report:
<% showDocument(document,width,height,secure,forcetunnel); %>

When use this scenario with QlikView Server 6 there is no problem;
When use with 9 version (or 8) the opening page run in error with the following message:
"No named(i.e. user-)CALs available for named user access"
even if we have 10 User Cal free.

Thank you for your help

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No named(i.e. user-)CALs available for named user access


If I guess the situation, you might have assigned the user Cal in QV server 6, and have you reassigned the User Cal names in the list, sometime due to that it gives the error. Please let me know I there is some other problem.



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