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ODBC timeout

I wrote a loop that pass parameter into a query. Each iteration takes about 5 to 7 minutes to run. Unfortunately on the 6th hour of the iteration run I got the Qlikview error below. In which case, I have to start the process all over again. Does Qlikview disconnect an ODBC connection after certain amount of time? The qlikview report is connecting to a Onetick database, a time series database.

Qlikview Error Message

10/15/2010 06:04:25.4028017 Information Reloading...
10/15/2010 06:19:25.5590517 Information Reloading....
10/15/2010 06:34:25.9642869 Information Reloading.....
10/15/2010 06:49:25.9535457 Information Reloading......
10/15/2010 07:04:25.9535457 Information Reloading.......
10/15/2010 07:19:25.9535457 Information Reloading........
10/15/2010 07:34:25.9535457 Information Reloading.........
10/15/2010 07:49:25.9535457 Information Reloading..........
10/15/2010 08:04:25.9535457 Information Slowing down logging. LoggingSeconds=1200
10/15/2010 08:04:25.9535457 Information Reloading
10/15/2010 08:21:00.4379207 Error Aborting Reload. Error=QDSMain.TaskResult
10/15/2010 08:21:10.2347957 Warning The QlikView Engine is Reloading, it will be killed (Please ignore logged warnings/errors about the kill).
10/15/2010 08:21:10.2347957 Information Killing the QlikView Engine. ProcessID=4280
10/15/2010 08:21:10.3441707 Information Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=4280
10/15/2010 08:21:10.3441707 Error Reload was aborted.
10/15/2010 08:21:10.3441707 Information Initializing Reload (0), Initializing (21609500), Finished (21609610)
10/15/2010 08:21:10.3441707 Error Task aborted.
10/15/2010 08:21:10.3597957 Error The task "Qlikview_Dev/Research/test_sc/buildQVD.qvw" failed. ErrorCount=3
10/15/2010 08:21:10.3597957 Information Sending Alert Mail to 1 recipients.
10/15/2010 08:21:10.4222957 Information Finished (0)

Database Error message

CONNECTION_ERROR: ERROR: File OdccSocket.cpp line 105: Error in send: Connection reset by peer
20101015122126 INFO: MemoryUsage Thread 1090525536 TotalAllocated 5676786289 TotalUnreleased 2433 Peak 75095786
20101015122126 CONNECTION_ERROR: ERROR: File OdccSocket.cpp line 105: Error in send: Broken pipe
20101015122126 INFO: ConnectionEnd Thread 1132489056
20101015122126 INFO: MemoryUsage Thread 1132489056 TotalAllocated 77907338 TotalUnreleased 144 Peak 7527654
20101015122129 INFO: ConnectionStart Thread 1132489056 User appuser Host
20101015122129 INFO: GraphQueries Thread 1132489056 NumRequests 1

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ODBC timeout

Few things:

  • depending on database load, parameter value... some queries might take much longer than 7 minutes
  • some parameter values might result in invalid SQL . Log the "loop counter" and manually run the query with the last logged value
  • If you really issue a query every 7 minutes, there cannot be an "idle timeout". But there can be a "total duration timeout", which you can test for . Temporarily put the CONNECT statement inside the loop.