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OEM and DIRECT License Agreement

Hello - We are new to QlikView and have few questions about User CALs an User License Agreement.

We've purchased QlikView Server License with100 User CALs from QlikView which includes 11 Direct License Agreement licenses(for internal reporting) and 89 OEM Partner License agreement licenses (for External customer reporting). Also included are 25 Doc CALs which are included into OEM Partner License agreement.

We've installed single instance of QlikView server and are using all User CALs on the Production server. So, I want to understand more and have few questions:

How do you control User Licenses (OEM and Direct Licenses) in QMC?

Do we need to manually monitor the licenses or is there automated notification when we hit bottleneck on OEM licenses or Direct Licenses in QMC?

Is there a problem, if we exceed Direct license users as they are common pool of 100 users?

Is there a best practise for User License Management with similar setup as us?

Any suggestions/advise will be helpful.