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Objects not displaying in HTML pages generated by Object Client Page Generator

QV - 8.5

I'm trying to publish HTML files for web access using the Objects Client Page Generator and the "Generate page for use with QlikX client (IE plug-in objects)" option.

I can get the Ajax version working but the formatting is not to the standards that we are getting using the ActiveX window launched from within the AccessPoint window.

I would like to use the HTML feature so we may display the dashboard on an overhead monitor in our control room. We have written a wrapper to refresh the reloading of the html files at a timed interval.

I've set up the proper folder structures on my IIS server and the proper path to the qvp:// location. When I insert the following address into the address bar: http://<localhost>/InterActive Dashboard_qlikx/default.htm the sheets in the application load but the controls don't get displayed. I've checked the html files out on the server and they seem to have all of the correct information in them; control names, settings etc. but the controls never get displayed.

Any help would be appreciated.


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