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Open document on login

Dear All,

I have few documents host on the server & accessing through access point.
User1 mapped with Doc1 (NTFS authorization),
User2 mapped with Doc2 (NTFS authorization.

Authentication part is as of Default login page (browser authentication).

When User1 logs in using Qv login page, Doc1 is available on index.htm, on click of Doc1, user 1 can view the entire Doc1.


When User1 logs, Doc1 should get open directly instead of navigating to index page -> click on doc -> see the doc.

Please suggest what need to be done to achieve this requirement.


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Open document on login

Hi Kumar,

You can set the URL you see when you go to the Accesspoint and click on "Open with IE Plugin". Use that URL instead of the Accesspoint for each user.

If section access is properly configured with NTNAME, and documents are filtered by user (Settings menu, Document Properties, Server tab, "Filter AccessPoint Document List Based on Section Access") the Accesspoint will show only the documents where that user is.

You can use instead NTFS permissions, so if the user is not in the security list of the document, it will not be shown to this user.

But if you go to the AccessPoint you need to click on the document you want to see to open it, or use the direct URL instead.

Hope that makes sense.


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