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Optimal Laptop Specicification

Hi All,

I am currently a Qlikview Developer and tester for my company. We are due an upgrade and wanted to ask for a suggested Spec in to request.

Typically we work with large data sets with QVW that are well over 200mb in size.

The export data is usually handled in Excel with file sizes exceeding 60mb. Depending on Data we could have 40,000 rows with 20-30 columns of figures.

Currently working with a 2nd Gen i7 with 6GB of RAM. The laptop can has struggled/crashed at times with calculations and/or formulas.

Thanks in advance

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Optimal Laptop Specicification

If you have a laptop with a modern Core i5 or i7 and a decent SSD harddisk and 8 GB ram you can do sensible development on it without problems.

But!... You can bring a server with 32 of the fastest xeon cpu's and 256 GB ram to its knees with calculations if you don't know what you're doing. Never mind a laptop.

Depending on Data we could have 40,000 rows with 20-30 columns of figures.

If you're talking about source data then that's peanuts (i.e. no problem). If you're talking about a pivot/straight table chart then you're talking serious performance problems no matter how fast your hardware is. A table box should be able to handle that alright since it doesn't contain expressions, but don't try this in a chart and expect your users to be happy about its performance.

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Re: Optimal Laptop Specicification

Thanks Gysbert.

Yes. I was referring to the source data tables. We are using Qlik as reporting tool for 3 legacy systems with 10+ years of data as well as the new system too. Lots of tables imported, leading to large QVW files.