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Out of Object Memory


I've a chart showing "Out of Object Memory" in an application sized just 23MB when viewed from the Access Point.

The chart has 18 dimensions & 5 expressions.

It shows up fine when opened directly using QV Desktop.

Strangely, applications having size 100 MB are showing up fine on Access Point.

How should this be solved ?


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I dont know exactly but this error is related to Virtual Memory  due to insufficient

memory .


Creator III
Creator III

Hi Qlik,

  This can be solve only if you increase the amount of memory in your server. You are facing this error because your server/setup is not having sufficient memory. Your configuration should be really robust and capable of handling the database size.

Remember qlikview is a In-Memory analysis tool, so everything is on your RAM.

Another thing with 18 dimensions and 5 expressions definitely you will get performance issues. I hope your expressions does not have set analysis too.



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Master II
Master II


Could it be you have a big pivot table or other chart with lots of calculations? I sure hade several similar issues with data rows only of several thousand but out of memory error in a chart with dozens of expressions and calculations ...

Try This

1. Make sure you have no synthetic keys in the data model (Ctrl + T)

2. If you have calculated dimensions, make sure they are not complex or even eliminate them by different solution

3. Disable all expressions. Enable them one bu one to determine if there is a specific expression that causes your problem.

4. Minimize usage of nested IF statements in your expressions.

5. If possible precalculate values in your script instead of in application objects, to decrease memory and CPU usage during runtime

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Thanks all for the answers.

Yes i know QV depends on RAM, also that if calculations can have a bad effect.

Actually i was thinking how 100 MB file works fine and 23MB creates problem.

the 100 MB file has lesser dimensions and only 1 expression having few unavoidable ifs but it works fine.

I tried removing few expressions and it seemed to look fine yesterday on the Access Point but practically i can't remove them. I decided to have a look at optimizing the expressions today.

But strangely it worked fine today with all expressions on the Access Point. I don't know how !!!.

one thing i did this mroning was a QV server restart, may be that had a good effect.