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PE edition on license edition for demonstration

Dear Qlikview community,

I'm a student and I just completed my internship. During my internship I have made a dashboard on a PE edition on the company desktop.

I will need to give a demonstration of my prototype during the final assessment.

Is it possible to get a temporary/trial license to be able to open my dashboard on my laptop.

How do I go by acquiring such a license. As I understand, It's not possible to recover a PE edition file made on a different computer.

And to be able to download qlikview server I need to be a customer/partner.

Do I have to rebuild my dashboard fron scratch or are there other options?

Thanks for the help..

Grtz, Robert

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Re: PE edition on license edition for demonstration

For PE, if you are switching to another machine, their are two options:

1) Get the licensed version

2) Create new dashboard using PE on new machine

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Re: PE edition on license edition for demonstration


If you have data source/files/qvd available, then you can open application in PE. Open Your dashboard without data, then reload using existing data files.

Re: PE edition on license edition for demonstration

If you plan to do a demo on a machine that doesn't have QV installed, there is some good news for you.

Every PE edition QV Desktop allows for a maximum of 4 document recoveries. A document recovery allows you to recover a single PE-created document on a new PE QlikView machine. After exhausting the 4 recoveries, you will only be able to create new documents and not open old ones. Better be careful with this.

So for this presentation, install QV Desktop, copy your document to the new PC and open the document through document recovery (you don't have to do anything special).

Note that this new copy of your existing document will again be tied exclusively to the new PE installation. In a sense you now have two different documents that look the same but cannot be exchanged. Better throw away one of them, especially if you plan to proceed with development on the new machine.

BTW there are no trial CALs, no QlikView server demo versions or other temporary arrangements. If as a business you show interest in buying QlikView Server, Qlik can decide to grant you an evaluation license (including a number of CALs) for a few weeks or a month (or whatever). But that's not something you'll be able to obtain as a student.

On the other hand, Qlik Sense is much more flexible in what you can do with the free version. Ever thought about converting your document to Qlik Sense?




Re: PE edition on license edition for demonstration

It should be noted that the data saved in the application will be removed using the Document Recovery-option. As Manoj states, if you have the data available (either from database or QVDs), you can reload and get the data in again.

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Re: PE edition on license edition for demonstration

Hey Peter thanks for the reply. Yes, I thought so, but when I open the document and try recover the document I get the message that the file has resched it's maximum recoveries, but I never recovered a document and the file has also never been recovered. So I'm not getting past that step. And no I haven't considered Qlik Sense, as Qlikview is a big part of the project and the scope I will have to demonstrate my prototype in Qlikview during my bachelors assessment.

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Re: PE edition on license edition for demonstration


I did not save it as an applicattion. It is a .qvw

Do these steps still aply?

Re: PE edition on license edition for demonstration

I know that QV Desktop platforms (i.e. the software) are limited to a maximum of 4 recovery attempts when running in PE mode. But AFAIK your QVW file can be recovered more than four times.

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