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Partial / Incremental Reload


I have a qlikview file with historical data. Now I want to add another table to the qlikview file without re-loading previous data. This table contains a mapping which I want to use as a dimension in my tables going forward. Also I dont have old data files with me at the moment.

So my question is can I use partial / incremental reload to add another table in the qlikview file without reloading the old data.


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Partial / Incremental Reload

There are options to :

(a) Recreate the Q table using partial-reload ('replace' option with load)

(b) Append records to existing QV table ('add' option with load)

QV help itself illustrates good examples.

My Q: Why do you want to use another table if the history data is not avalilable?


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Partial / Incremental Reload

The new table has a unique dimension which I want to use in my chart / tables.

I have solved this issue, by using a binary load (current qlikview file as the data file and another excel file which has the mapping) Now am able to use the new field as dimension in my tables.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

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