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Paste Sheet Object in I.E. PlugIn Client

We are running QVS version 9.0.7440. When using the I.E. Plugin, we are able to copy a chart to the clipboard, however, the option to 'Paste Sheet Object' is greyed out and not available. We do not want to clone the chart, we want users to be able to copy it. Also, the option to Remove the newly cloned object is only available in the ZFC client. Any assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. We are trying to allow users to clone/copy objects without allowing them to move/resize the originals.

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Paste Sheet Object in I.E. PlugIn Client

I found this thread which seems to provide a work around for now...
Thank you! I found following paragraph in the document "QlikView Tutorial": Copying sheet objects: To copy a sheet object on the same sheet, press the Ctrl key and keep it depressed while placing the cursor on the title bar of the object that you want to copy. Drag the cursor to the place where you want to put the copy of the sheet object.
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Paste Sheet Object in I.E. PlugIn Client

Try CTRL+C and CTRL+V, which seems to work well in the PlugIn.


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