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Performance Issue with AdHoc Pivot Table using Conditionals

We have a report that is more of a AdHoc for our users.  The report currently has 54 Dimensions with a Enable Conditional and 9 Expressions using Conditional to create this report.  The user has a picklist to choose the fields they want to display for the report.  The user reduced data down to 4 months worth of Labor data which is about 150,000 rows of data.  When the user picks no more than 3-4 fields the report just slows down considerably.  Has anyone else tried to use the conditional feature in this way and seen these type of performance issues?  I can create a pivot table with those selections specifically and the report flies of course.  All this is done in Ajax btw but even in my client I notice performance is horrible.  Just showing the user and their total hours which is about 4000 rows of data is horrible in this report. 

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Re: Performance Issue with AdHoc Pivot Table using Conditionals

No thoughts at all on this?  I was hoping for something.  Does anyone use the conditionals like this on pivot tables and if so how many fields approximately?

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