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.Pgo files effect on Named CALs

Hello Everyone,

If we delete all the .pgo files from the root folder and %ALLUSERSPROFILE%qliktech\ QVS ...folder for clearing up our CAL data as we  are not able to assign some of our  Document CALs to the documents.  It will also delete the Named user CALs  from the server?

plus ,Is there any application in QVW format which can show me  all the Document CALs assigned to the Document.So that i can use it to assign again all the document

CALs . We have  qlikview Server 10.00.9061.7  SBS  and Windows 2008R2 64 bit



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Re: .Pgo files effect on Named CALs

Hi Salman,

In short, yes. If you delete the PGO (Persisteng Group Object) files before unassigning licenses, you will lose that information, and you might need to license the server again. If you are using the SR1 of version 11, check the Events log file in the log folder, to see when the licenses have been assigned to what users. You can easily load this info into a QlikView app and do your own research.

I'd recommend you to take a look at the QlikView Power Tools that allow you to check server files, and download the latest version of the QlikView System Monitor, that can help you in this management tasks.

Hope that helps.


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Re: .Pgo files effect on Named CALs

it means all the license information --> Server

                                                   -->  Named User CALs

                                                   -->  Document CALs    

is gone when we delete the pgo files.The result is  the pgo files has no information when we restart the server again it will be totally clean and then we should again license the server and assign Name User CALs and Document CALs manually.

Plus, we don't have to wait 24 hrs in case of Deleting all the CALs (DocCALs, NamedUserCALs) and re-assign them.

Re: .Pgo files effect on Named CALs


Not exactly. Server settings are not in PGO files, but in the .ini, .xml files in the different service folders (Distribution, Connectors, Web Server, etc).

.Shared and .Meta files store CAL information when using Document CALs in some cases (DMS), so these files need to be backed up as well.

Unless you have already done that successfully (and even in this case), I do not recommend to move these QlikView Server folders without having done previously the license unassignment and cleanup. If your case is a migration where you want to keep all users and settings, I'd suggest you to contact with your QlikView sales rep or Partner Manager so he can help you in the process to avoid hardcoding each license assignment and option again.

Hope that helps.