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Plain text report

Our users want to receive some of the reports in a very simplistic form via e-mail. These reports should be in plain text (html in a worst case) so they can easily read them on mobile devices. The use of Qlikview app for BB or iPhone is not an option in this case, neither any form of web access.

What are my options?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

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Plain text report

Dear ,

This is really strange request !!!! I guess he need information which we used to get in SMS format Smiley Happy Anyways , i can immediately think of is get all your results into variables & then put them all in text object with statements.

This is i think simplest way .



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Plain text report


here is an easy answer to your problem. ask your end users to get a mobile supporting pdf reader.

because reports will be generated in pdf format and for reading those you need to have a pdf document reader compatible handset..the coding reqiured for sending those reports i mean to say the coding part of macros if you want i mail it to you

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