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PlugIn IE with IE9 and Windows7

I have some issues trying to install the "IE Plug In" on my Laptop (64bits/IE8 or IE9/and Windows 7 pack 1)

I've tried to install and  desinstall the plugIn. Nothing is working (IE option alway desactivated in the documents) either in the Windows browser either on my desktop edition (10SR3)

I've have an other PC (32bits/IE9/but Vista pro ) and there it was working immediately with the same documents

Is the plug in compatible with Windows 7.

If yes where can we look to this "plug in" installation (Version ? directory? registry ?)

Thanks for helping me ...I'm completely disappointed


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Re: PlugIn IE with IE9 and Windows7


As far as I know, the QlikView plugin is still 32 bits, so first of all you will have to use it running the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer. I'm running it on IE 9 with Windows 7 with no problems in versions 10 SR2 and 10 SR3 (before that, IE9 was not official, and there was no support).

You need to get the MSI installer package within the server installation to get the QVP handler and protocol working from the link provided in the Server 10 SR2/SR3 Accesspoint, or in the following folder

C:\Program Files\QlikViewServer10\Server\QlikViewClients\QlikViewPlugin

Hope that helps.

Miguel Angel Baeyens

BI Consultant

Comex Grupo Ibérica

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PlugIn IE with IE9 and Windows7

It appears ... To get IE plugin to work on IE 9 you have to go to the IE Tools | Internet Options | Security and turn OFF protected mode.

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PlugIn IE with IE9 and Windows7

After I uninstalled QV Desktop v11 and reinstalled ... I no longer need protected mode. Some sort of QV OCX v 11 issue?

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