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Postion of the symbol


I have a bar chart with symbol activated in the number tab.

Now what happens is the symbol is overlapping with the y axis value when viewed from web.

Is there any way to change the position of this symbol so that it is not overlapping the values on the y axis?

Anyone encountered this problem?

Please see the attached file and suggest a solution



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Postion of the symbol

It may be a bug as I've noticed that the position of axes on some charts change when viewing the applications in the web browser. You could try upgrading to the latest SR (if you haven't already). I have v9 SR5 on my desktop but the sever only has SR2 so perhaps this is the route of my problem.

You could try adding a Static max to the axes based on your maximum value and then add (example for Discrepancy %) 0.25 which will have the affect of creating a small white space between the highest value on the x axes and the label (see below).

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