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Problem: Permission on Loop And Reduce


I want to distribute a qvw document and give the receipients permissions. That works fine using "Loop field in document".

Now I have to add two administrator accounts. They should have permissions as well as the "Loop field in document" receipients.

I tried a lot but it ain´t working.

- Entered the admin accounts on "System / QlikView servers / Distribution": No effect.

- Entered the admin accounts on "Task / Distribute / Manually" As well as using "Loop field in document" worked - but now the publisher produces copies in the source directory and these copies are missing the admin permissions... only the "Loop field in document" worked here.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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what version are you running? are you using dms or ntfs? are the admin accounts "built-in" accounts (e.g., power users or administrator)?


Creator III
Creator III


In Task Definition -> Distribute -> Loop Field in Document:

- Field containing recipient information: Login ID
- Check user identity on: SAM Account Name

Table in QVW report must be set up as such:

QVUser, [Login ID]
user1, user1
user1, user2
user1, Administrator
user2, user2
user2, Administrator
user3, <anyotherlogin>

Now if you loop and reduce by field QVUser,

- report copy of user1 is visible to user1, user2, Administrator
- report copy of user2 is visible to user1, Administrator
- report copy of user3 is visible to <anyotherlogin> windows login

Best - Marcel