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Problem distributing


Ive gotten a problem that manifestet, as far as i can tell, out of the blue. We have a bunch of reports beeing distributed using publisher. The problem is that recently we gotten an error with nearly all our distributing tasks. Always the error, Distribution to resources failed with errors, is shown. It seems, reading from the logfiles, that the mapping of user access works but when the access is supposed to be given an error occurs. This is from the log file:

Opening document (0), Binding Loop Reduction Set (3047), Determinate Round Count (3047), Empty rules (3047), Rules resulted in distribution. (3047), Building filename (3047), Setting script (3047), Recipients (3109), Setting resources (3109), Offer resouces (3109), Populating distribution (3141), Checkin (Closing document and QlikView Engine) (8797), Distributing (9125), Failed (13406), Next round! (13406)

Anyone know had a similar problem or a solution?


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Problem distributing

can you supply version information and more details from the logfile please.