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Problem when porting open metod in ver.9 from ver. < 9


we have a web-application with authentication & autorization (LDAP) management that have some page with code for open report on server and this is working from ver.6 to ver 8.

When we upgrade in ver.9 the application fail because qlik asp page and utility used/linked in our page are not more present.

This is the qlik component used in our method and no more present:

<!--#include virtual="/QlikTechJava/Servers/QlikWeb/QlikWeb.asp" -->

<!-- #INCLUDE virtual="/QlikTechJava/codelib/functions.asp" -->

and this is the call we can't use any more:

<% showDocument(document,width,height,secure,forcetunnel); %>

What method we can use from our asp page instead?

We tried without the include and using this direct call's instead of showDocument:




but we have:

"No named(i.e. user-)CALs available for named user access" if used with anonymous access


"Error! No file Access" if used with windows authentication

Anyone can help us, please?

Thank you

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Problem when porting open metod in ver.9 from ver. < 9

Now we solve half of problem:

we change the path of our include from QlikTechJava to Qvjava and then the showdocument run.


we have always "no named (i.e. user-)CALs available for named user access" when open a report, even if we have 10 User Cal free.

Please help

Thank you

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