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Problem with special chars


some new laptops could not access apps with ie-plugin which have names with special chars like ü, ä, ö, ß and receive the following error message:


With AJAX-Clients it's no problem. Our IT says that the OS-image hasn't changed. Has anybody an idea what could be the reason, which config is wrong?

Thanks, Marcus.

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Re: Problem with special chars

Hi Marcus,

What service release are you using? Can I assume it on a german OS?

Re: Problem with special chars

Hi Hampus,

yes it is an OS (Windows 7) in german on the user laptops. The release from server is 10.0. I know this is outdated but a migration to QV 11 is planned. Our IT meant that nothing has changed with the roll-out images for the user, but I didn't believe it.

The first time with this problem was about two weeks ago. I assume that any small config with the processing from character set or in the security settings is wrong, but which one?

Thanks, Marcus.

Re: Problem with special chars

What version of IE is installed on the new laptops? If it's IE11 then that is only supported with QV11.2

Re: Problem with special chars

It is IE8.

Re: Problem with special chars

Out IT said, the new OS-images worked as designed, the changes with the processing from special chars are a "feature" - therefore we have renamed the applications.

- Marcus

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