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Publisher Execution Service Error with Domain User


I need help!!. We need to use a domain user in the Publisher Service, we can config this user in the 3 publisher services, but when we try to start the Publisher Execution Service it launch a 1067 error: coul not start....

We grant permissions to the folders, and we add policies to this user.


C:\program files\qlikview\publisher

C:\Documents and Settings\All\Users\Application Data\QlikTech\Publisher


Log on as Service

Allow Log On Locally

I don't know how can resolve this error, and we need to resolve today, so please help!!

Thanks a lot for your answer.


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Publisher Execution Service Error with Domain User

Hi, Sebastian,

it's late today, you're a little late with urgent questions, and I ain't no specialist for publisher at all. But if there's no other answer today from community and you can't supply more details I can only suggest that you use the tools of Sysinternals suite (e. g. filemon.exe) on the machine where you try to start the service; thereby you could find out what the service is trying to do and where it succeeds and where it does not.

Again note the above mentioned: I am no publisher specialist, I'm just trying to help as your issue seems urgent.


Publisher Execution Service Error with Domain User

Check for useful messages in:

1. The Windows Event log

2. The Publisher Service logs which should be somewhere in \documents and settings\All Users\Application Data\Qliktech


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