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Publisher Losing Track of Source Documents

We are having some odd behavior with QV Publisher. If a source document is replaced (exact same file name, directory/folder), Publisher sometimes seems to "lose track" of the document. The reload and distribute tasks will seemingly finish successfully but not really do anything. We have ended up unregistering the document and starting over.

One work-around seems to be that if we run a manual reload of the source QVW document in QV Developer, Publisher will "see" the updated document OK. But it doesn't seem like this should be necessary.

Another issue I just noticed that may or may not be associated with this same issue is that I temporarily added a list box that was visible to only my userid for debugging purposes. I removed that list box from the source document over a week ago, but when I log in via the Access Point under my userid, that list box still shows up. The document has been reloaded / redistributed many times since I removed this list box. Where the heck is it coming from?

Has anyone else experienced anything like this or have any suggestions??? Mystified!!!

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