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Publisher and Reload from Command Line

Hello Every one,

We are using batch file to reload the qlikview document.

Righ now we use qv.exe to reload the document, I am testing with QlikView Pulblisher, the only problem i am facing is how to pass parameter in relod document with publisher(command line)

I am not able to find detail in document, is there any way i can achive this?

With qv.exe

"C:\Program Files\QlikView\Qv.exe" /r "E:\QV\Production\Analysis.qvw"

"C:\Program Files\Qlikview\qv.exe" /l /vvDataSubset=Fac "e:\qv\datasource\Interface.qvw"

with Publisher

"C:\Program Files\QlikView\Publisher\ExecutionService\QVPublisherExecutionService.exe" -r="E:\QV\Production\Analysis.qvw" -datapath=d:\qvlogs -batcherrorfile=d:\qvlogs\qv1error.txt

Now the scod part i am not sure how to pass parameter to publisher realod.

Can any one please give me the command if there is one for publisher?

Thank you in advance

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Publisher and Reload from Command Line

Any update please?

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Publisher and Reload from Command Line

well with publisher you dont run cmd taks with parameters. You setup the reload in a gui interface, and the publisher services will take care of the reload for you.

More info about publisher, see ref. manual.

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