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Purchase server licenses

Hi everybody! We have this problem: We install a QV Server with your license. We have some external people that make models for the organization. When we tray to edit a model (QVW), the system show us a message about the model was made by another user and for this time we can open it but when we try to open 3 times it block us and it doesn't works anymore. I check my borrowed license and I can obtain one from server (check the image), I try to open the model from server and I did it, but cann't edit it. It's to weird. Somebody of you can help me, please?

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Re: Purchase server licenses

Hi victor.rodriguez.cr,

Still your server installation is personal edition only. You can open only 4 files with this.

Seems you did not enter license details in QMC.

If you have licence, first generate the LEF. You can do this by following threads.

Re: Generating new LEF file

Manual LEF

QMC Url: http://localhost:4780/qmc/default.htm

Enter your LEF detaails in QMC as shown in screen.


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Re: Purchase server licenses

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Re: Purchase server licenses


May be you are entered Server license in your personal desktop Qlikview. This is not right way of accessing the server.

Please follow the steps to lease the license from server and open the qlikview files.

Hope this will help you.


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Re: Purchase server licenses

you have a personal edition

to open the documents (.qvw) other people make you need

- a named cal; you can get a named cal from your server

- or a full desktop license (open all docs=.qvw but can't open doc in access point=server)

Better way (no need to buy another license) is to lease from the server

QlikView License Leasing

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Re: Purchase server licenses

  1. Step 1 Assign a Named CAL to your user ID: Open QMC->System->Licenses->your QlikView server->Client Access Licenses (CALs)->Assigned CALs, click the button representing two users on the right, and add your accountname as a new Named CAL assignee. Close the user selection window and click Apply before leaving the QMC.
  2. Step 2 Lease this Named CAL from the server: Launch QV Desktop on yoiur laptop/desktop, select Open In Server, enter a servername as qvp://servername and click connect. A list of directories and QVW files should appear. At this moment already, you should have a lease on your license. But you can open a document just for the fun of it. This document will not be editable as your QV Desktop is currently being used as an AccessPoint client !
  3. Step 3 Check your license lease: in the Start Page of QV Desktop, select License Information under Resources. The overview should tell you something like "leasing a license...". If that's the case, you're good for about 30 days.
  4. Step 4 Open a QVW document created by another user. Try to open a QVW file on disk. It should work.

If you encounter problems, please post them here.