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QMC not opening document

Hello All,

I am a fairly novice QlikView user, and I am having issues with the QlikView Management Console.  When I try and load open a .qvw with the data model below in the QMC console to loop and reduce by a field, it does not open/load the document and its fields (see image below).  However, when I remove the 3 tables on the right and only leave the "flat_file" table in the data model it works fine.  I have not had any issues like this before with even more complex data models.  Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!




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Re: QMC not opening document

I found a solution to my problem.  It appears like the QMC may have a column limit with respect to being able to perform the "Open Document" action.  I simply temporarily reduced the number of columns in the "flat_file" table (making sure to keep those needed to set up the scheduled job), and then ran and saved the .qvw.  I was now able to perform the "Open Document" function on the .qvw with the reduced column "flat_file" table and set the scheduled job up using the desired fields for reduction and distribution.  Finally I went back to the .qvw and loaded all columns back into the "flat_file" table.  The scheduled job appears to running fine. 

Has anyone else run into this - does the QMC have a limits on what it will open when setting up tasks on a .qvw?