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QV SR 12 patch

We are using QV 11 SR 10. We have one app server, one distribution server and one IIS server.

We are planing to apply SR 12 patch.

1. Please guide me how can we apply SR 12 patch it in all the environments.

2. What is the differnce in SR 12 nad SR10 in terms of server?

3. Is it required to update IE plugin client? Where can i get the software?

4. What is the difference in IE plugin client in SR10 and SR12

Appreciate your quick help.


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Re: QV SR 12 patch

  1. Run the SR12 executable in all environments
  2. Please consult the release notes for SR12 which address the changes made in SR12 and SR11.
  3. It isn't required per se, but it is highly recommended to upgrade the IE plugin to match the server version. It'll be installed when you install SR12 and placed in C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\QlikViewClients\QlikViewPlugin or downloadable via the Access Point if the appropriate setting is changed (QMC > System > Setup > Web Server > AccessPoint > Access Point Settings> Plugin Download > Show Link)
  4. Consult the release notes, but they tend to mirror the changes that affect the Desktop client since the IE plugin is a basic version of the Desktop client.

Re: QV SR 12 patch

Great help---

I have two confusion-

1.  We need to apply where IIS server also installed? Please confirm.

4. I didn't find differnece betbeen 10 and 12 (IE plugin). If you share anything then it would great help.

Apprecite your help


Re: QV SR 12 patch

  1. If you only have IIS installed on the server, then no you will not need to run the SR12 executable since that will only update QlikView related services (DSC, QDS, QVS, QVWS).
  2. What sort of differences are you looking for? Here's a screenshot of the details of the executable:

    Basically any of the bugs notes as fixed in the release notes that concern the QlikView Desktop client (so not Ajax) will pertain to the IE Plugin as well since both render dashboards in the same way.

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Re: QV SR 12 patch

IIS server doesn't need to be re installed. only QV related services should be upgraded.

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