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QV Server and SQL Server CAL multiplexing


I have a SQL Server 2012 Standard installation which provides data to a QV Server hosting a single QV application, with 5 users and 10 document CALs.

Under server + CAL licensing for SQL server how many user CAL are required: 15 or 1.

Although only QV server makes connection to SQL server to extract tables into QVDs, while user access the application QVW; implying single CAL for SQL server.

But, Microsoft licensing under the "multiplexing" criteria would suggest 15 CALs for each end user.

Kindly suggest.



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Re: QV Server and SQL Server CAL multiplexing

As only the QlikView Service User will reload the application and all data for the End User is in Memory. I'm not an expert for Microsoft Licensing, but think you will only have to license user accessing the SQL Server, or not?

Re: QV Server and SQL Server CAL multiplexing


Where as QlikView is concerned.

I would say 1 named cal will do the job.

But as QlikTech policy the minimum quantity that can be ordered is 5 for named cal and 10for document cals.

By the way go through the attached document for more understanding of licensing.



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