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QV clustering queries.

We have 3 server setup-

1. QV server

2. QV Publisher


We have clustered license so we want to use it. We have new server where we have have to install/configure QV app server.

I have below queries/ doubts. It would be great If youhelp me on that-

1. Which ports are required to open before configure-

Please validate-  4747,4780,4720,4730,4750- Yes/no/Other option?

2. Our first app server pointing to SAN path(QV applications stored) so we have to point the same san area from new server setup?

3. Root folder location pointing to SAN path. License file stored in the root folder location and the server itself(c:\program\data).

I came to know that new server should point to the same license file location. How can I do this from the new server?

4.Like the license file same question for Log file.

5.Will the other server be accessable from the new app server?

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Re: QV clustering queries.

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Re: QV clustering queries.

Different ports by service



QlikView Server4747, 4774
QlikView Distribucion Service4720
QlikView Web Server4750, 80
QlikView Management Service4780, 4799
QlikView Directory Service Connector4730, 4735

Point 2. Application can be pointed to existing path.

3 & 4 Not Sure

5. Yes, you can access. Add Old Server as Link Machine in New Server.


Re: QV clustering queries.

Hi Suman,

3. I am not sure why you are worrying about License file location, you just apply the license in the cluster server, Qlikview will take care of the locations.

4. Log file is not independent on the old server, both servers will have different log file paths, since you are installing the new server in different path.




Re: QV clustering queries.

Thanks for everyones help.

Do we need to change anything on IIS server? How IIS server will recognize this?

I know we need to add the new server details in the QEMC. Is it enough to recognize the new server?

Re: QV clustering queries.

I didn't know you could load balance/cluster QVS machines using IIS.

IMHO you'll need a network load balancer to replace the load balancer in QVWS. Or do you have some other software to do that?




Re: QV clustering queries.

Peter...thanks for your reply.

I am talking about server cluster not network load balaencer.

As per your comments i think we don't required to change IIS side.

Please validate my point.

Re: QV clustering queries.

My comments? I don't really understand.

In your architecture, who will distribute the load over clustered QVS machines?


Re: QV clustering queries.

Yes QVS machine

Re: QV clustering queries.

I'll put it in a different way.

Imagine you have two QVS in a cluster setup, and one IIS that is hosting the AccessPoint landing page. A user arrives at the AccessPoint document overview and clicks a document. To which QVS machine will IIS forward this user?

Note that clustered QVS machines don't pass connections on to each other.


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