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QV server in virtual server environments

I've seen that a lot of customers are migrating their server environments to virtual machines (mostly VMware). So when we start a SiB, the customer has created a virtual machine for the QVS.

I want to know your experiences with QVS in a virtual server environment. Do you recommend to use QVS in a virtual environment to your customer? What is your experience with QVS performance in virtual environments? What is your experience with ODBC drivers (data connecting) in virtual environments?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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QV server in virtual server environments

Hi Patrick,

We have QlikView Server SBE running in a VMware environment. The virtual machine has got assigned 3GB of memory and is performing according to our current requirements. QV server is running on a Windows 2003 (32-bit) server. Furthermore, we're using ODBC connections to retrieve the data from our ERP system and haven't encountered any significant issues.

Development is currently done locally and a QlikView client will be installed on the virtual server to start developing on the server.

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QV server in virtual server environments

We have started to deploy Qlikview in a VM. The main issue we have had is that we have had errors trying to load our documents. We use the OCX to facilitate our load mechanism and we were told we need to have at least 2 cpus assigned to each VM. This has helped but we still have had problems. Most recently I have a 32 bit Windows 2008 VM and my load crashes even though I upped the CPUs to 4.

I am currently using QV8.5 but expect to begin using QVS V10 soon. However, the same OCX may be in place to load the documents even after I begin using QVS V10