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QV9 Server Reload Schedules


I would like some QlikView documents to reload hourly for a part of the day, for instance between 07:00 and 20:00. After that, I would like the reload to hold until 07:00 next morning. I haven't found a way to set this up. Any hints?



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QV9 Server Reload Schedules

Are you using Publisher?

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QV9 Server Reload Schedules

Well, since I upgraded to QV 9 it is all integrated. I did not run Publisher in QV8, when it was a separate application.

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QV9 Server Reload Schedules

I have the same need like yours, but haven't found any solution. May be s?mebody knows


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QV9 Server Reload Schedules

you can only set up trigger constraints (e.g., reload hourly, but only between 10 and 15) if you have a publisher license. it is not supported with QVS license only.



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QV9 Server Reload Schedules

OK, that was bad news for me. Is it possible to to it based on days of the week? My situation is this:

I have "Load Applications" that are used to incrementally read data (every 1-2 hours normally) from the databases and store it in QVD files. The problem is, that once in a while a record gets deleted in the original database and I therefore have to "clean it up" in the QVD file. For this I have a few Cleanup applicatons and it works fine. The problem is that the Cleanup jobs are quite heavy and since they affect the same QVD files as the Load Applications I would like not to run them at the same time. It would be OK to run the Cleanup jobs on weekends if I could just halt the other Loads...

Anyway to use "dependencies" in the Reload schedule to solve this problem without the Publisher?

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