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QVB.exe vs QV.exe Reloads on Publisher


I wonder if someone can help with the following problem.

We have a document loading QVDs from a SQL Server database server. Historically, it has been loading fine, moving 1-2 gigs of data in about 10-20 minutes. For the past week or so, we have noticed that it started to take in excess of 20 hours for no obvious reason. No changes have been made to the document and all other documents transferring data between the same servers (SQL Server to QlikView Publisher) continue to run in similar times as before. Even more interestingly, when we reload the document using the QlikView app (QV.exe) logged into the server, it runs within 20 minutes, just like before. The long running time is only observed when the publisher is used (QVB.exe) and this only happens for this single document.

On the database server, we can monitor the process running and it consistently has very high waits for PREEMPTIVE_OS_WAITFORSINGLEOBJECT when the Publisher is used to reload the document.

Any ideas why this may be happening or how we could troubleshoot?

Thank you for your help in advance!

PS: Data is returned via several stored procedures from SQL and all SPs show similar increases in running time.

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Re: QVB.exe vs QV.exe Reloads on Publisher


I had similar issues a while back and it was a memory leak in .net.

Try restarting the QV Distribution service.  If it speeds up, then tell me I'll dig out patch required.  If it don't speed up then it is something else.

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Re: QVB.exe vs QV.exe Reloads on Publisher


Thanks for the suggestion. We have already restarted services (several times) but it did not help.

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Re: QVB.exe vs QV.exe Reloads on Publisher

I have been able to fix the issue by changing the connection to use the 32-bit OLE DB provider. So I conclude that it must have been something to do with 32 vs 64 bit providers not working the same way when using QVB. How or why this issue has suddenly surfaced after happily having used 64-bit provider for months, it escapes me... However, if anyone comes across similar performance issues, it may be worth trying the different versions.

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Re: QVB.exe vs QV.exe Reloads on Publisher

I'm glad I am not the only one suffering this. I have  reloads set in QMC and running fine then without notice the task were failing. Yet I can run the document of the server using the desktop client and document loads without error.

Same document just one reload uses qvb the other qv. However, qvb fails and same as you Istvan have been using qvb without error previously.

Will try 32-Bit as work around. Just hate not knowing why.

Cheers Tim......you are not alone