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QVS 9 SR6 Issues?

Hello fellow QlikViewers,

Have anyone tried QVS 9 SR6 on a clustered QVS environment? Have you noticed/experienced any issues?

For one thing, QlikView Server service takes a lot longer now to start in the QV Management Console. Another thing is I can no longer switch from Ajax client to Plug-in without getting the "No User Cal" issue.

I also now get the message box "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?" which I fixed by using the opendoc_fix.htm, plus "Connection lost" accessing from Ajax sometimes.

I have 2 QlikView clustered environment and I'm encountering same problems on both. I don't have this problem on the previous versions of QVS 9. Now I'm thinking if I should go ahead with the upgrade to SR6 or use SR5 instead.

I welcome any feedback. If you are now using SR6 and not experienced any problem please let me know also.

Thanks guys,