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QVS 9 reloads are not working


We updated from qvs v8 to v9.

Now, it should be possible to schedule reloads in the qemc or the qmc. Nicely set all the applications to the reloadtimes we want.

It's not working for some of our applications, they keep giving errors about the loading of the document.


Load was aborted
The document failed to open.
Document could not be opened
Reload failed because the document could not be opened successfully. DocumentState=CouldNotOpenDocument
The task "Planning/SB_ordermanager.qvw" failed. ErrorCount=4

All security settings are oke.


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QVS 9 reloads are not working


All reloads are performed by QVB.exe which runs under the context of the service user.

If it fails to reload, then I always log into the server as the service user, open the document in QlikView and attempt a reload. This always leads me to the solution.

Does your QlikView service user have security rights to the document?



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QVS 9 reloads are not working

oke tnx.

It is already working now!


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