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QVS API Support

My question is if there is any help or guidance on how to use the QVS API besides the help file (which is not very helpful...).

It doesn't seem that there is much examples out there on how to use the QVS API. Please can anyone shed some light!

I need to use the API to get detailed license information, ie to whom is licenses assigned and usage, as well as reload scheduled information.

Any help would be appreciated!!!!

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QVS API Support

Dear herman,

Check the attachment. It's a working example of how to get CAL licence information and deleting/quarantaine users. Using C++ and QVS API.

Both named and document CAL's.

it took me hours to figure this out! So some applause is welcome Smiley Happy

i'm sure i make more people happy with this!

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QVS API Support


Once you hae installed Qlikview server. QVsRefrence manul is stored in the installation folder.

check out you C:\Programfiles\Qlikview\Document.

It would be helpful in knowing the API of Server.

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QVS API Support

qlikview server reference manula and QVS API both are different thing.

QVS API helps in how to use packeges OR library but qlikview server reference manula not.

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QVS API Support


If you can specify exactly what your are looking at then we might be able to help you out.

If you want to see information like how to relaod using Server or Reload status etc you will find it in QVS Refrence manul page no 65 .

It might give you fair bit of idea.

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QVS API Support

Thanks for the reply.

I need to

1. Get a list of all the schedules for reloads. We don't have the Publisher, so it's the reload schedules that can be set up in the Management Console.

2. See the users who has Doc CALs and User CALs and when they've last used it.


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QVS API Support


1) If you ahve located QvsRefrence manul. then go to 65 page. it shows the different ways of Reloading. Or go to

Management Console --> User Documents --> Reload --

2) For Checking Document Cals See page no 67. for Document Cals or

Management Console --> User Documents --> Document Cals--

For User Cal go Licenses Tab -- > Licenses History. Will display you the history of people who has last access qlikview application.

QVS API Support

Hi Herman

I have Monitoring App.

You have to configure it on your server

then you get all the details.

Who is accessing what and what type of licensing they are using.

Hope this will help you..




QVS API Support

Please, try and be more specific in your questions. There are three major versions of Qlikview that are currently released and supported - which one are you using?

If you are using v10, make sure to install the Qlikview SDK, as a part of the Qlikview Server installation, where you can find full documentation for the QMS API; the Qlikview Server/Publisher API in v10.

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QVS API Support

Thank you. That was very helpful. I installed the SDK and looked at the samples and help DOCs. It still doesn't look like I will be able to get the licensing details from the QVS API. Can you confirm?

My goal is to write a Windows Application in C# that will be used by selected high profile employees in our company to view QlikView license usage. The application should be able to tell the user who has doc CALs, user CALs etc. and their usage thereof.

Will this be possible using the QVS API?


QVS API Support

You don't need any specific licensing to use the QMS API. You do however need to get the newest version of the web service reference from the QMS to be able to communicate with the API's. To do this; please right-click on the Web References node in the project explorer, select the QMSBackend service (or what it is named in your solution) and select Update (or such).

When that is done, can you run the example? What is the error message? How far do you come?

Regarding your second question; you can get all CAL data from QVS via the QMS API, yes. However, it is not possible to see user activity history via this interface - for that, you need to review the QVS session log, which logs all client CAL usage and such. I believe that a "mash-up" between these two might be the only way.

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