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QVS "disconnected" all services are running

Hello, I am trying to get qvs working when it shows that all services are running and the only thing not connected is QVS.

The account running services has admin rights and is part of qlikview admin group.

In the event log:
-failed to retrieve settings from qvserver
-failed to send response; an operation was attempted on a non existing network connection

It is win server 2008 R2 x64
intel 2.27GHz (12core)
32GB Ram

Any suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you!

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QVS "disconnected" all services are running

Are you accessing the QEMC locally? can you try disabling proxy settings?

QVS "disconnected" all services are running

Did you get the license set up ok?


QVS "disconnected" all services are running

Hi Zach,

I'm having the same issue that you'd experience, and just wondering if you got it resolved.

Would you mind sharing how did you solve it? I tried changing the domain service account, and even reinstall the Server (QV Server 10 SR3), and it's still happening.



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