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QVS9R2 install with IIS 7


Got a question regarding the installation of QVS9 with IIS support. Do I uncheck the QWWebserver during he install or do I still have to install it to get the server running properly? I have completed the install with the webserver unchecked. The server installed and all virtual directories in IIS got in place. However when accessing http://localhost/qlikview the AccessPoint-page starts loading ,then just hangs with messages such "Logged in as:...". After a few minutes of waiting I eventually close the page.

So, does this have to do with me not installing QWWebserver or is it something else?



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QVS9R2 install with IIS 7


You definitely need to install the QlikView Web Server even if you will be running on IIS. When you install QVWS you get some important files that you will then need to modify to give control of the AccessPoint to IIS: config.xml and QvAccessPoint.js. Changing your QlikView installation to use IIS is not as simple as making sure IIS support is installed during setup. For a detailed guide on how to do this, see this page (and also the comments at the end): http://www.quickqlearqool.nl/?p=1012.

Good luck!

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QVS9R2 install with IIS 7

Thank you for your reply.

Ok, so Install the QVWeb - *check*. After editing the files in the guide i suppose the QVWebserver does not need to be running, correct? With my current setup, if I stop the service the AccessPoint-page seems to hang while loading. If i keep it on, it's working (cannot load documents with ajax though, but thats another story I guess).

Also, I can't seem to find the QvsTunnel.dll anywhere. Its not in the directory specified.