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QVW runs really slowly through AJAX

I’ve created a QVW and a set of QVDs that the QVW reads from (see diagram below for data model). The QVDs load very fast and I eliminated all synthetic keys:-


The QVW only contains one tab and just a fairly large amount of text boxes – no complex calculations or anything. When run through Qlikview Developer and through the IE plugin the performance is fine. However, through the AJAX client, the report is very slow and performance is unacceptable. I can’t see any obvious reason for why the performance is so bad.

Number of records at the moment in each table:-

Portfolio: 314

InstrumentDimension: 189615

InstrumentFact: 18193

Any ideas why this is so slow through the AJAX client?

I'll upload the QVW if anyone needs to see it but I'll have to scramble the underlying data

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Re: QVW runs really slowly through AJAX

It can be MUCH slower with AJAX.       Have you tried these ...

  1. Disable hyperthreading on your server (only for Intel chips)
  2. Set the Power Option on your server to High Performance (may require a re-boot)
  3. Disable NUMA.  Need to add an entry in your settings.ini file :"EnableNumaRoundRobin=1"