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QVWS services running yet not listening on port 4750


Have installed on a Win 2008 Server R2 just the QlikView Webserver via the custom install from the QV Server Installer 11.2 r8

After reboot QlikView Webserver is running fine as a Service.

However I can't connect with my QMC, on different computer that is running QV Server, to that QV WebServer on a separate box.

However I noticed that on the QVWebServer computer, port 4750 is not "listening" when performing a netstat -noa

Should I not see port 4750 as a Listening port if QV Webserver  is running on that computer.  Nothing else is conflicting with port 4750.


Something like:

TCP    [::]:4750        [::]:0      LISTENING   4

I'm just trying to setup a separate QVWebServer on a separate box using SSL cert as the preferred authentication instead of using Windows Active Directory.


My best


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Re: QVWS services running yet not listening on port 4750


If you are NOT seeing the port 4750 listening on the webserver machine, that means it something blocking it. You should see that the port is listening and a PID = 4.  Can you try to do a CMD> telnet <hostname> 4750 and if you see a cursor and black screen, that means port is open. I also notice you are doing a netstat -nao , can you try instead "netstat -ano"  and look for port 4750 and look for the PID and if the PID is different than "4", go to task manager> processes and/or services tab> look for the PID column and locate the PID/ process that is using port 4750. ( if you do not see the PID column, in the task manager go to "view">select columns...> check "PID(Process identifier)> ok) 


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