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Qlik License Understanding


We have Test/Prod Qlikview Server Configuration.

We have a process where the license are leased from the Production server and then the user continues to work on Test.(This process is followed as license can be leased from production server only)

We have a issue where the user leases the license from the Production server , the qlikview switches from Personal Edition to License Edition. But normally it stays as license edition for 30 days, but in case of some users its again switching to Personal Edition.

I wanted to understand , how the qlikview licensing works. Is it linked to the Mac Id of the PC/IP Address of the PC/User Account of the PC. This will help me understand , how the user is trying to access qlikview at different point of time.



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Re: Qlik License Understanding

Good question. 

I doubt it is MAC or IP address as otherwise it would get upset when I change my laptop from wifi to rj45 cable, VPN to LAN, LAN in different buildings.  Which I do a lot and all will result in MAC and/or IP address changing.

If I look at Licence History in QMC it shows my AD domain/user, machine name and some hex & decimal numbers which make up my machine's motherboard UUID which you can display from the dos prompt with :

     wmic csproduct get name,identifyingnumber,uuid

Re: Qlik License Understanding

License leasing doesn't use the IP address, but it does take the MAC address of your network adapter into account. For a simple reason: at any point in time, you can only lease your license to a maximum of two MAC-addresses.

An active lease that changes MAC-address should be ok, as it will not request another lease, only check whether the license hasn't been revoked.

The only reason for loosing a lease that I can come up with at the moment has something to do with QV Desktop having problems recognising/validating your Windows user account or its inability to contact a Domain Controller.


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Re: Qlik License Understanding

Hi Peter,

if a named CAL leases to two MAC-addresses, does that CAL still able to connect the Access point and access the documents through the web browser ?


Re: Qlik License Understanding


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