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QlikView 10 and IE 8 - Custom User Login

My question is along the line of the following post:


Like this user, I have QlikView 10 on Windows 2008 Enterprise with IIS as Web Server. I have also chosen to use DMS authorization and custom users. I have set up everything exactly as we had it in QlikView 9 SR5.

Unlike this user, I have made sure that there is nothing in the Header name field and verified the config also. The login works if I try it in FireFox. However, the I get "Login Failed" when using IE8. But if I start Fiddler and then open IE 8, the login is successful.

Keep in mind that when Fiddler is running, there is no request header set up in it so there is no way that is helping me log in. Also the login only works if I enter correct username and password.

The problem seems only with IE and somehow begins to work if I start fiddler. I have verified the settings in config.xml and I don't use the header QVUSER anywhere.

Any help resolving this issue is appreciated. Our users will only use IE with AccessPoint

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