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QlikView App Documentation

Dear all,

I have been working on an automatic app documentation tool for my QlikView apps.

The problem: my users are used to have a hard copy or text file available as documentation for the IT tools that they use.

I wanted to offer them something that won't give me a headache to maintain. So I've written a macro and some xml css (looking into useing XSLT files) files that can be uploaded to a Sharepoint. At the moment, this project is at the start phase but I already wanted to share this with you. I have lots of idea's to improve this.

For the moment, the macro will export to an xml:

- the sheets

- the chart objects (also in containers)

- the expressions: definition, title and comment (finaly this field is usefull!)

Everything is very basic and rushed at the moment. It's just a proof of principle. Feel free to give ideas on how to improve the code.

(macro needs system acces)

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Re: QlikView App Documentation

I just discovered that there exist a 'help text' function for every chart. I've been using qlikview quite extensively for a year and a half now and have never noticed this function. It is in the 'caption' tab of the chart.

The macro in the above post may still be usefull though for expression documentation. But I will not have a high priority to develop it though.