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QlikView-Apps in Browser-view - disappearing?


I have been noticing a strange phenomenon in our company-Rollout of QlikView:

- We have two "operations" teamboards where the same app is to be shown in the Browser

- These teamboards are at the same time in the morning (they are the only two where this is the case)

=> Once or twice in the last week, we had the phenomenon that the Browser opens the right page, says "Done" - but the screen stays white.

Unfortunately, the two are too far apart, so I cannot check whether the app is open on both monitors. I don't really think that can be the reason?

Can anybody give me a hint to what might be a reason for this? IT_programs are never 100% reliable and available, I am conscious of that, but I'd like to exclude as many potential reasons for problems as possible.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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