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QlikView - DataWarehouse/ETL-tool with SAP

Has anyone got experience with SAP using a DWH (and ETL tool), and using the DWH as source for the QlikView??

At this moment we have a discussion here about using a DWH and if the DWH which is in the house is useable.

Has anyone got experience with Exasol (DWH) and TalenD (ETL) ... and this in combination with SAP.

And what are your ideas about using a DWH and using QlikView only as visualisation tool??

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Re: QlikView - DataWarehouse/ETL-tool with SAP

Hi Anita,

Just wondering if you are using any other tool for warehousing now? I am asking the same question you had, I am not sure if it will be better has SAP BW (for example) as warehouse solution connected to QlikSense and QlikView for visualisation mainly?

Anyway, I'll post you this link https://help.qlik.com/en-US/connectors/Subsystems/SAP_SQL_Connector_help/Content/6.1/Introduction/SA..., just in case you are still exploring this.

Thanks and regards,


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Re: QlikView - DataWarehouse/ETL-tool with SAP

We decided to use the Exasol/TalenD combination between the SAP system and QlikView.

SAP is not the 'easiest' source to retrieve data from ... we have also a lot of user-specific stuff going on in our SAP environment.