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QlikView Distribution Engine Memory Leak?

Hi All,

  I was wondering if you help me on an issue we are having with the performance of our QlikView servers. We have all our reload jobs setup on an ETL-EDX system, while this works great we have noticed issues with the performance of the QlikView servers during and after these reloads. The symptoms are as follows:

  - The QlikView Management Console becomes very slow to use (timing out on simple request often).

  - The QlikView Access Points take ages to connect to the QlikView servers and often the No Server message appears.

  - QlikView applicaiton performance becomes very slow.

We can resolve this issue by stopping and starting the QlikView distribution engines but the same issue occurs when our data reloads happen again. It seems to be some sort of memory leak but we have .Net Framework 4.5.5 installed and have excluded these folders from our Anti-Virus scanner. We have 16 packages running at one time over 2 servers.

I was wondering if anyone can help us out on what could be causing this issue?