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QlikView Server Global Cache RAM Usage

Hi all,

In QMC there is a configuration setting to set the lower and upper working set for RAM usage by the Cache. By default it is 70% and 90% respectively.

How do we interpret this setting, if there are many concurrent users will it actually take up 90% of the RAM usage? Each QVW will also need RAM for its in-memory data, which will take priority?

Attached below are the reference notes from the Qlik reference manual:

Working Set %

This control sets the minimum and maximum of the physical amount of RAM

that can be used by an application. This way it is possible to control if an

application can be swapped out of physical memory or not. However, there are

no guarantees that the operating system can serve the process with the amount

of memory set here.

Using too high settings will degrade the performance of other processes on the

computer, this may however be desirable if the computer is dedicated for Qlik-


Do not change these settings unless you are well acquainted with Windows

Virtual Memory Manager! Read more about working sets in the Microsoft Windows


The settings are:


sets the minimum amount of memory, in percentage, to be allocated to the



sets the maximum amount of memory, in percentage, to be allocated to the



sets the amount of memory, in percentage, to be used as cache for the application/


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