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QlikView Server Upgrade 10 to 11

Hi Guys,

I am very new in Qlikview server, just yesterday i installed on my laptop.

tomorrow i have to upgrade Qlikview server 10 to 11 with one of our client.

i have very simple questions,if any body would like to help. Have read the upgrade document and reference manual.

1) upgrade to which version 11 , 11.20 , SR1, SR2 or which is better.

1) if upgrade does not successful, how to restore to previous version?

3) the new version automatically will apply the license or how to handle.

4) things need to be check, that every thing is working properly(after upgrade).

5) any suggestions or experience.


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Re: QlikView Server Upgrade 10 to 11


1) Qlikview server version SR2 is better than others.


Re: QlikView Server Upgrade 10 to 11

A good starting point is the Q11 upgrade and migration document, which should apply also to 11.2.


I would suggest to upgrade to the latest SR of 11.2 (SR3 is the latest production release, beta for SR4 started).

As far as I remember, most of your questions should be answered in above document, if not, please specify what's open.


Re: QlikView Server Upgrade 10 to 11

Hi IsrarKhan,

This is based on the assumption, you're upgrading the QV Server only (not including Publisher)

First, prior to upgrade, I would suggest you make a backup of the original QlikTech folder. Depending on your operating systems, it's either:

-Windows 2008 (C:\Program Files\ProgramData\QlikTech); or

-Windows 2003 (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ProgramData\QlikTech)

Second, take notes on what settings have been done via Management Console: Tasks being scheduled, List of users assigned, etc.

Third, keep your License number & control handy. As far as I remember, I don't need to re-register the license, since it will automatically takes care itself. Depending on the outcome, you might want to have it. It's better to be prepared than sorry. I've done a couple migration from QV10 to QV11 with ease (thanks to the guidance provided by swuehl above Smiley Happy. Since I've never encountered big issue, I don't need to revert thing back to the previous version.

If you do need to revert it, you might want just to re-run QV10 installation files (with the matching SR version you originally had or SR5 is the latest.

Note: You can find out the SR version by going to Console > [last tab] > System > About ). You'll see the version is shown as : Qlikview 10.XX.XXXXX. Refer to http://community.qlik.com/blogs/supportupdates to find relevant SR from the Qliktech download website.

This way, I believe it will keep the all the settings in Management Console intact as well. If you try to remove the QV11 from ControlPanel > Programs & Features, you might lose everything, as it will uninstall the whole Qlikview - not just QV11 (Disclaimer: I haven't done this - so you might want to check with others).



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Re: QlikView Server Upgrade 10 to 11

Hi Israr,

QlikView QlikView 11.2 SR3 is the latest and SR4 is currently underway.

There are many defects fixed in QlikView 11.2 SR3. Kindly check Release notes for details.


Rajesh Vaswani

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Re: QlikView Server Upgrade 10 to 11

Hi Anton,

Thank for your detail answer.

You wrote:

Second, take notes on what settings have been done via Management Console: Tasks being scheduled, List of users assigned, etc

so we need to re schedule the reload, and reassigned the user and documents licenses. ?


Re: QlikView Server Upgrade 10 to 11

Hi IsrarKhan,

For me personally, I prefer to keep extra notes in case if something goes awry.

If everything goes smoothly, you don't need to do anything. All settings (task, the users, document, licenses) will work as it is original setup.

Do you know how many tasks or how many users that are currently stored/set in that client's server? If not many, you can just take notes easily. If it's alot of tasks, then writing them down may not be practical.

Note: Upgrading QV Server from 10 to 11is somewhat similar to upgrading firefox browser (if you're familiar with it). When you upgrade the browser, once it's done, the old settings (bookmarks, history) are kept intact.  The reason is because they have similar infrastructure.

Upgrading QV9 to 11 or QV9 to 10 maybe slightly different though - again, refer back to the document that swuhel provides.



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