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QlikView Server installation (3 tiers)


I have a job to install QlikView Server in 2 Virtual Machines via a 3 tier configuration. I already installed as below :

Machine 1 (the 'app' server) - QMC, QlikView Server and Reload / Distribution Engine

Machine 2 (the 'web' server) - Webserver (IIS)

In Machine 1, I already changed the server name under System -> Setup -> QlikView Web Servers to that of Machine 2.

However, I still saw the message that "QVWS@Machine 2" is down.

One of my colleagues tested with telnet that Machine 2 can communicate to Machine 1 via Port 80 but not vice versa.

Do I need to open Port 4750 in either Machine 1 or 2? Or should I configure the VMs so that they can talk to each other?

Please help to advise.



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Re: QlikView Server installation (3 tiers)

Have you applied the license ?

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Re: QlikView Server installation (3 tiers)

Yes, I have applied the licence.

Actually I have simulated this before at my own laptop using 2 VMs created via Oracle Virtual Box and it worked.

However, my client is using VMWare and I was not allowed to change any settings without their permission. I need to justify to them before my request is processed.

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