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QlikView Upgrade From 11.2 SR6 to 12.1

need to upgrade to 12.1 from 11.2 sr6 in our environment.if possible share some related documents for same.

Thanks in advance..

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Re: QlikView Upgrade From 11.2 SR6 to 12.1

We upgraded all 19 servers a couple of months back and the process was quite straightforward. There are a few settings you will need to adapt, some others have been made obsolete, but the format of the files and the existing tasks and QMC setup persisted without any hassle.

Make sure you back up all config files and follow the steps.

Here you can find a bit more detail on it:


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Re: QlikView Upgrade From 11.2 SR6 to 12.1

When your upgraded the 19 QV servers, when have you upgraded local desktop of your QV developers? The same day i suppose?


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MVP & Luminary

Re: QlikView Upgrade From 11.2 SR6 to 12.1

In addition to the document Miguel referenced, I recommend you read the following while planning your upgrade.


for whatever release you are upgrading to.

- The Release Notes for your target release.

-This document from Qlik Support "QlikView 11.20 End of Life Upgrade: Known Issues and changes in product behaviour"  https://qliksupport.force.com/articles/000047422‌.  If you cannot access the support portal contact Qlik Support for a copy of the doc.

-My own collection of "QV12 Upgrade Considerations " http://qlikviewcookbook.com/download/qv12-upgrade-considerations/

Why are you choosing to upgrade to 12.10 rather than the later 12.20?




Re: QlikView Upgrade From 11.2 SR6 to 12.1

The same day. The development is mainly done in development servers, meaning developers connect to those servers, they do whatever, so after all, is just a few QlikView Desktop upgrades.

We can also have a copy of QlikView Desktop in our laptops, but since we don't have admin access to install anything, we requested IT to create a package users could request and install via group policy:



Re: QlikView Upgrade From 11.2 SR6 to 12.1

Hi Shivam,

Before going to upgrade,

1) Please check Release Notes of latest version which you are going to upgrade.

2) Make a note from Release Notes that what are the things different from older version. Whether the newest version is compatible to all our QV Scripts.

e.g., sometimes after upgradation, generation of QVD's will take time.

3) Once after cross verified, First do it on POC if you have POC environment.

4) Once it success then go it environment by environment with a days gap.

5) If anything contact Qlik so that they will try to help your issues based on your environment.


Anand Sai