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QlikView WorkBench

Hi All...

I have come accross QlikView WorkBench today and would like some background with regards to what it actually is / does...

From what I can see, by using Visual Web Developer express (or Visual Studio) , you can build ASP.NET web pages and include information from QlikView Reports...

If this is the case, do the users accessing the web site need a server cal license?

Is this a free add on to QlikView or do you need to purchase this separately?

Does anyone have experience of using this Good or Bad?

Apologies for being vague - just trying to get my head around this to see if it has any benefit in getting our reports out to more users...



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QlikView WorkBench

Hi Paul,

What you say is correct - the QlikView WorkBench contains a number of 'drag and drop' controls for Visual Studio.NET which allow you to add QlikView objects into your website.

As well as supporting the 'native' QlikView controls such as listboxes, charts etc. there are also some additional controls not found in standard QlikView - for example a map control and a 'flexigrid' which can be used for rendering lists of products or other items in a more configurable manner.

Additionally the WorkBench contains a number of useful JavaScript libraries and controls which make it easy to extract data from underlying QlikView controls (tables, listboxes, text objects etc.) and render your own UI elements (regardless of whether you are using ASP.NET/Visual Studio.NET).

End users will need a CAL just as if they were using the standard Zero-Footprint client and I believe now that a licence is also needed on the QlikView Server for the QlikView WorkBench itself although I am not too sure of the details on that.

My company, Industrial CodeBox, actually developed the QlikView WorkBench before it was on by QlikTech so we naturally have a lot of experience in using it and I should be able to answer further questions if you have any. From your post I don't think it will give you any benefit in terms of getting your reports out to more users unless you need more flexibility in how the reports look or operate or if you need to create some custom visualisations of you QlikView data.

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QlikView WorkBench

Hi Paul,

The workbench product is an add-in to Visual Studio and allows you to embed individual QlikView objects in a web page. It is an add on to a QlikView Enterprise server license and end users require a license in the same way they do for standard server access.

To see some examples of end results please visit demo.qlik.com and checkout

SportsDataHub, Desirabelles,Bazama or ByggMax.



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QlikView WorkBench


Can we use this in ERP desktop (c#) application with small business server licience???

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QlikView WorkBench

Hello Chris & Others,

I understand this is old thread. But I thought one of you might help me with Workbench configuration issue. I have installed successfully but I am when I open the Visual Studio, I don't see the QV tools on my VS IDE. Please can you help me with this?

I will look forward to hear from you.

Many thanks in anticipation.

Cheers - DV

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QlikView WorkBench

Hi D V.

What version of workbench?  I'm using Workbench for V10 SR2.  In this instance, you need to add the reference after creating the project...

or if you go to new website, there should be an icon for QlikView WorkBench under My Templates.


After that, if you have QV Server installed on the same machine as visual studio, your connectivity to QVW files will work pretty easily.

For us, we have VS on one machine, and QV server on another.  The included Proxy.ASPX does not work because it just does a redirect and we use header injection for authentication.  We have to start a session to the qlikview server and authenticate with injected header to the accesspoint before we are able to see qvw files.  When the connection breaks, you get a nasty exception message from VS.

Hopefully your set up is more the former than latter.

Hope this helps,

Jeff G

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QlikView WorkBench

Hi Jeff,

Thank you very much for replying back. This is very helpful. I'll keep you posted with the outcome.

Many thanks again. Much appreicated.

Thanks - DV

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