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QlikView Workbench & QVS 9.0 status

On the Workbench web site, it only refers to the product working with QlikView Server 8.50. Does it also work with 9.0.x versions, and is this product still being supported by QlikView? The http://qlikwebworkbench.com site seems to have been last updated in 2008.


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QlikView Workbench & QVS 9.0 status

Here's the link that describes QlikView Server 9.0 and QlikView Web Parts 9.0: http://community.qlik.com/wikis/qvwebparts9/qlikview-web-parts-9-0.aspx

And from there you could go to this page: http://community.qlik.com/wikis/qvwebparts9/web-parts-getting-started-walk-through.aspx

Now having said that as a seeker for the further information, I want to get answers for the following questions.

  1. What is the best way to build application with which we can build QlikView application, and then collaboration.
    I mean sharing opinions and make discussions on the QlikView documents and analysis made.
    The assumptions are:
    (i) it should be scalable, encompassing hundred of users at the beginning, and possibly grow to the thousands of users.
    (ii) Of course, the site will have to utilize all the pertinent solutions like: QV servers/QV Publish servers/ and so on.
  2. I was trying to get information on QlikVew Web Parts 9.0 to find solution for the above needs, but not that enough information,
    Where can I get more detailed information like documentation, screenshot of fullblown integration usage of Sharepoint and QV Web Parts?

In short again, what's the best way for collaboration and discussion in the context of QlikView BI application?


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QlikView Workbench & QVS 9.0 status

It works with QV version 9, but the support is limited to say the least, and the documentation is fairly outdated.

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