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QlikView as a Data Mart/Warehouse

I have a number of downstream systems (COTS products and custom apps) that would greatly benefit from utilizing QlikView as a data mart or warehouse where all normalized data is pinned in memory (or in the data "cloud") and accessible through APIs (like AJAX, Java, Web Services, etc) that can be fed to them. Generally, we strive for separation of front end user interfaces from back end domain management models, but we do utilize QlikView as an end-to-end solution for dashboards and adhoc querying tools.

Can QlikView support a data mart/warehouse configuration? If so, it's not clear to me how this can be accomplished. I've poured over the examples in the QV 10 SDK but don't really see I can connect to the "cloud" and access the data directly, so that I can feed it to another system.

Any insights into taking this kind of approach with the product would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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QlikView as a Data Mart/Warehouse

Hi Timsheridan!

QlikView is all it in one!

All you needs can be solved by them (in this case.. :-))

to help you with thouse problems (about the data mart / warehouse).. you only need is creat a new QlikView application and connect to another using QlikView File in your script...(is a button called QlikView File, click and choose a QlikView application)

made a call to another QlikView file to take the data cloud

then if you look to the beginning of the main page, you will see something like this

Binary [QlikViewApplication.qvw];

then reload it!

you can add another tables in the same application, call one or more QlikView application (a don't know how many is the limit).

to conclude, QlikView may be used not only as the best plataform to creat a business intelligence application, but as a integrator between QlikView applications too (as a data smart) or as a warehouse .. where you have a big mounted of data that is divided to some data smart and than showed it with the most powerfull dashboard tools.

I really hope have been helpful, my apology for any mistakes I don't speak english very well


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QlikView as a Data Mart/Warehouse

At the end of the script execution, dump the data into flat files with the STORE statement. That means you can reuse the data of a complex QlikView model in other systems.

But beware, exporting lots of data will use lots of memory in QlikView side.


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